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any investment depends

On your needs, situation and rick tolerance to determine if it’s a good or bad investment, but buying at the right price is essential. But the one thing I would never buy is a bond mutual fund. I would rather do the homework myself and buy a bond because if it doesn’t default it will return my principle. In a bond fund they are always trading the bonds and you could lose principle.

Think of investing as a three legged stool. Depending on your needs which leg would you want to be the strongest? Return of capital (risk of loss), return on capital (risk of yield) and return time frame (which is opportunity loss.... what could I have invested differently while my capital was tied up……and am I willing to take that risk).
Me personally I like investing in short term revenue muni zero coupon notes. The reason is, I buy the notes at a discount that mature at par (safety of return on capital) then I take the difference between what I would have paid for any other coupon bond and trade stock index options (return is determine by my ability to make more than I would have if I bought coupon bonds, if i loss all of this i still have the original invested amount when my bond mature.....all i am risking is yield (I have a better track record of outperforming the return on capital in the options market then holding for yield). And the third leg is with short term paper the liquidity for trading options I don’t feel like I miss out on opportunities.
Oh yeah I also am short the stock market…..i am not an advocate of any particular fund but I do recommend using a fund because these guys are professionals at shorting…..but if you want to know which short stock market fund I used e-mail me. But also you need some precious metals too…..for when it all breaks down...... buy that along the way with the returns on your investment.