Comment: Gag them with a spoon

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Gag them with a spoon

You hit the nail on the head, Johnson. If Rand discovers "things", he is free to discuss and sue the omnipotent state over them. If Totalitarian Feinstein divulges "things" to Rand Paul, he would be be bound by a gag rule.

Nadler tricked the omnipotent state by getting the head of the FBI to tell him under oath, information about the NSA reading e-mails or not, as far as he knows, is not legally confidential.

He went on to divulge publicly that certain NSA employees were reading e-mails without any additional intervention from the courts.

That's a violation of the 4th Amendment, not to mention, politicians have been all over the media claiming that nobody is looking at their e-mails, including the President.

But now, my virus protection has crashed and now the video seems to have vanished from the internet. Anybody download the video?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ