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Comment: So regardless, there's going to be a filter

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So regardless, there's going to be a filter

Those people who took stock in what he had to say simply because it was aired by a Fox affiliate aren't going to be hearing him out anymore because they rarely if ever stray into the realm of alternative media outlets. When he was there though, if I recall correctly he was never told he couldn't do a story, but was at least asked to tone things down more than a few times. I think you're right, there's going to be people missing out on the message since he's off the boobtube, but for us, we're getting a guy who's not going to be asked to tone anything down. I guess it leaves it up to us to try to get him into other people's homes through good ol' word of mouth. I think gcdugas is right too, because it's going to be a hell of a lot easier to do that if the videos have a professional presentation on par with actual newscasts instead of being some guy in front of a sheet with a light on his face or someone sitting at their desk recording on a $200 webcam.