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Language is important. They

Language is important. They don't consider a call "collected" until it is actively listened to. But this does NOT preclude the idea that they are indeed and in fact storing the content of every single call made by every single person.

Indeed, once more, and I imagine quite intentionally, I suspect they are being "too cute by half" with their answers.

Aren't they always.

Someone needs to ask them this question directly: "Are the contents of American phone calls being obtained or stored for potential future collection if and when a specific warrant is issued for that purpose?"

And then if they get a cute answer, or a direct no, they need to restate the question 100 different ways again. Otherwise they will continue to avoid addressing the real issue: that they are scooping up and storing our content indefinitely, as a means of "looking backward' if/when a specific warrant is issued. This continues to be the obvious reality, and yet continues to go unaddressed.