Comment: I've noticed a BIG DECLINE of the postings on DP

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I've noticed a BIG DECLINE of the postings on DP

Have you? Even an article like this has only received about 30 posts. THAT is LOW.

Are people now getting scared to voice their opinions, because our government is now SO HUGELY INVASIVE?

I don't know what to do about this. What can we do? Even Edward Snowden hopes something can be done, so that his sacrifice is not in vain.

I hope, God willing, that we will have more WHISTLEBLOWERS coming forward, more than ever, more than the Elites believe possible. But we better be warning our fellow soldiers, especially the ones responsible for pressing the button of nuclear war. We MUST reach these boys in the Air Force, etc. who have access to these buttons and get them to understand, for if the day comes when the LEADERs say to hit the switch against L.A., for example, they won't do it! For as we get closer to the STATIST ELITES truths, we put all of America in grave danger, jmho.