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Well...there are good plants,

Well...there are good plants, and there are bad plants.

If Snowden is a plant, I think he's of the good variety. Yes, I do actually believe there exists elements within our government that have good intentions. If you want to take on the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Congress, and the president...that's where the NSA comes in (I hope.)

Let's be honest here - it's old news. Most of us here already knew what Ed Snowden revealed. In fact, he didn't reveal anything new at all TO US, but he did reveal something new to the majority of the American people who don't pay attention most of the time.

Some people think he's a bad plant because the NSA spying scandal is drawing attention away from Benghazi, the IRS, immigration reform, etc.

I don't think the NSA scandal is detracting from the previous issues at all. If anything, it is shedding light on those issues. Each scandal stood separately from the other, but now they're all bunched together, under the same lens.

With all of the information they have collected using taxpayers money, the American people should know every minute detail about what happened in Benghazi, what happened at the IRS, and what's going with our border. We should also know who every crook in Congress is too.

BTW, has the president made a single official statement about Ed Snowden yet?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.