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Support for Ben Swann Update

Sunday, 6/16/2013

6:32pm pdt | 7:32pm mdt | 8:32pm cdt | 9:32pm edt

2,057 Backers, $141,545 pledged of $1,250,000 goal, 39 days to go

They are trying to get as many backers by tomorrow as possible; even if they only pledge $1. They are more interested in the number of supporters, at this point. I think it has something to do with getting the interest of the "big" backers.

Any newbies want to pledge $1 by tomorrow?

Private Pledgers? check here:

Info from here:

Ben's 1st preview episode of Full Disclosure (meaning non-Kickstarter funded) will cover the U.S. government arming Syrian "rebels". Stay Tuned. (tomorrow?)

We're now at 2,000+ supporters within the first week of the "Truth In Media" project. That's absolutely outstanding, folks. Our hope is to be to nearing 2,500 by Monday. If you follow this page, please consider taking five minutes of your time to pledge this weekend, which you can do for as little as one dollar. We are going to achieve this goal together and, when we do, I guarantee we'll never have felt more proud. This was succinctly stated by a new supporter who posted this remark on Kickstarter today:

"I became backer 2,019 with a pledge of $50 and I wanted to say I am proud to be apart of Ben's project. I wish him the best of luck and hope everyone can do their part to spread this message."

Ben is doing his part, I'm doing mine and so is the rest of the team for this effort (we're launching shortly). We are very encouraged by the progress we're making. We have lots of great stuff going on this week that I think you guys will absolutely love, including new Full Disclosure episodes featuring Ben. So, please consider joining our growing army this weekend. You will be making a big difference. Please know that it's the total number of supporters that will propel this into the stratosphere, not individual dollar amounts. The bigger donors (who of course we're talking to) will join once they see the supporter count becoming impressive. YOU have the power to make this a reality. Let's each do our part and spread the word, become a supporter and build upon the outstanding foundation we've established so far.

Pledge here: