Comment: Rand has said that he supports the amnesty bill

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Rand has said that he supports the amnesty bill

which includes provisions for a national biometric ID card. ('Terrorism' and this bill are excuses they use to create this 1984 police state.) This will absolutely kill what little is left of what America was supposed to be about. It will legitimize the illegal acts of millions of people and bring in millions more. There are enough ignorant Americans who have no idea of what their nation's history and foundational principles are. We don't need millions of ignorant foreigners who come here only for financial reasons. They definitely don't come here to become Americans, (often waving the flag of Mexico). This is designed to destroy the national sovereignty of America.
There is no immediate, pressing need to push this bill. That is especially the case given the dire economic conditions and the high level of unemployment among Americans. I fear this could cause division and violence. D.C. politicians are pushing this for their own selfish reasons. Is Rand a fool or is he playing politics ? In either case he and the other politicians are playing with our lives and that of our families and that of our America. Many of us don't like it one bit.

Rand Paul ain't Ron Paul by a long shot. Some seem to think his last name gives him a free pass.

Personally, I don't think there are any 'solutions' to be had out of D.C. That place is a corrupt cess pool. The answers are at the state and local levels . . and with us as individual Americans.