Comment: I completely agree with you

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I completely agree with you

I completely agree with you Jan except on one small point. I don't think there should be a public "debate" on the topic because it is a criminal activity and a violation of the Constitution and those responsible should go to jail and be shamed for violating the law and their oaths. Illegal activity of this magnitude should not be up for debate about whether it is practical or okay or the ends justify the means or so we can pass a retroactive law really quick to make it legal. Some things go so far they should just begin the investigations, prosecutions and throw those responsible in prison...and this is one of them. I notice nowadays that everything is paraded through the media as some interesting two sided debate but nothing ever gets done about it in the real world. Interest fizzles out and then the criminals keep on doing what they do until the next scandal. Yes Snowden is a hero, the real traitors are in DC.