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I actually like Ron Paul's positions better, even though I have distanced myself from some of the more extreme positions. When Ron Paul was running, I didn't like Rand, in comparison, because of his foreign policy stances, and some of his pro business stances. But when it comes down to fundamental civil rights, I think Rand is spot on, and it is for this that have come to like Rand Paul the most.

Perhaps it is cynical of me, but there is no period in history where equality was actually achieved that really stands out, there has always been a ruling class, and then everyone else. So it seems to me that the only real advancements civilization has made are on civil rights, where the individual is protected from the abuses of power. But that's about it. Maybe we cannot achieve anymore as a society. So as a result, we need someone who will really champion our rights, despite all the other bullshit games that power likes to play.

I haven't exactly thought this position through, it sort of a new realization. But for now, it makes Rand Paul the most appealing. And I won't trust anyone else on these issues.