Comment: Budget please

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Budget please

Most others are just asking for a budget before they dontate... we're not saying he's not worth it...there is a big difference.

As for the cancelled project, it was $4,805.. here's the link:

BTW, "ain't" is equivalent to "is not"... so you are saying Swann is not no idiot, which is a double-negative and the same as calling him an idiot... I'm sure you didn't mean to do that!

I think he is losing a big percentage of people who may donate if they could just see a budget... or maybe the budget would get less people to donate... hard to say without seeing details.

But you are right, he did raise over $142,000 on this attempt so far, so if they cancelled this project, and kept the same rates of $2,500 per minute, they could make around eleven 5 minute episodes...