Comment: Lennon also funded alternative media

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Lennon also funded alternative media

The Lennons gave Paul Krassner $5000 for him to publish Mae Brussell's article in The Realist, a magazine devoted to the underground reality that is only now coming out.

Mae knew John Lennon and said he was the only guy in America who could get a million protesters together lickety split and he was not part of the "controlled" opposition kind of protesting.

This is kind of long, but it covers the Lennon assassination pretty thoroughly and begins with her personal tribute to John Lennon, (Mae was born in the WW2 generation, but was a huge rock fan):

Her documentation for her analysis are found here:

Classic Mae quote:
"If I am depressing you, Forgive me, For it is THE FACTS that are depressing you, NOT ME." ~ Mae Brussell.