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very well done!

much more courteous than I'd have had the patience for, after her decade long waxing poetic about GWB warcrimes and police state at home, WHEN it is actually occurring, she's been much more silent. Though as someone who were 'brave'-enough to warn the rest of the world about GWB during his regime, you'd think as one of the few principled liberals who were consistent in criticism of oBUSHma, it'd be natural to continue her efforts to educate the public on the ACTUAL policestate ALREADY here, now hyper-accelerating.

but alas, she's making the 'rapist playing the victim'-argument?


Frankly, even IF Snowden was the biggest scum of the earth, is ANYONE doubting the veracity of his claims? Does it erase or excuse NSA's crimes, along with the DC scumfcuks in CONgress & WH who actually let it all happen?


The first article by Naomi about Snowden is doubting who he says he is?

Seriously, Wolf??

As 'the other American' writing for the Guardian UK, and as another supposedly Bill of Rights loving liberal whom like Glenn Greenwald, remained consistent in public critique of the State during both GWB & oBUSHma regimes, the LEAST Naomi Wolf could've done is to add to the few in the echo chambers coming to the aid of Snowden and Greenwald's defense!

Plus, he's too articulate?

Um, dear Naomi Wolf, have you met US? The libertarians? Let alone libertarian computer nerds?


Yes, we DO think and speak very logically. What a shock it must be for the emotive unicorn guild that is the Statist Collectivist commie progressives!

God forbid, a high school dropout (like MANY truly successful individuals before him) is self-driven, self-motivated, principled, and non-conformist, whom by design or providence, ends up changing the world.

God forbid.

PS. This goes the same for Jon Rappaport, whom I respect, and those who historically accurately doubt the real place of Daniel Ellsberg's in history; those who have researched know that Ellsberg (fmr. RAND corp/CIA lackey) was the vehicle by which the Ruling Class simply jettisoned Nixon, after he has served his purpose. But what did the Pentagon Papers SCOTUS case eventually go on to establish (whether the politicos actually follow it or not?) the press could not be held liable for publishing info that serves the public interest even if it violates the 'law.'

Could anyone who respects the Bill of Rights ever argue that, that was a bad thing? Could anyone argue that exposing the war-for-profit con of the Vietnam War, was a bad thing?


So why would exposing the NSA via Snowden whether by sincere individual intent or higher Ruling Class geopolitical factional infighting spilling out onto the public sphere, be a 'bad' thing?

Bigger picture folks. It's just one more marker in the geopolitical shift trajectory: it IS a clear sign that the Ruling Class is not homogenous and there is definite sign of internal factional infighting.

The focus should be on what THAT outcome of the infighting means; how we ride the surf, evade, expose, or crash along with it.

THAT is the real key, not Snowden.

Why is that so hard to see?

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul