Comment: I've been thinking about the switch

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I've been thinking about the switch

And now seems the time. I will document what I do, and make a post to make it easier for those in my situation to do so.

My situation: I own a domain, which has an email address I use. I have a Gmail account, which I've configured to get the email from my account.

So, the steps I'll need to take are, I believe:

  1. Turn off Gmail's pull.
  2. Investigate web-based email at my domain provider.
  3. Determine how to extract all my email from Gmail, for continuity (I never delete an email, I like to be able to refer back to previous conversations, as my brain uses faulty organic memory).
  4. Get my email.
  5. Turn on web-based email.
  6. Final step, there are some mailing lists that I signed up with my Gmail account, so I'll need to drop them and (if I still want to be on that mailing list) re-add at the other address.
  7. Done!

Well I suppose there are a few other steps to getting all the way there, like switching search to (already did that for new window; need to do it for the address bar search).

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