Comment: We have to support Ben

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We have to support Ben

Did Peter asked good questions - yes

Do I like Peter's style of interviewing - no, he's arrogant and brash. Some people like that, I don't, but who cares I still support Peter because he has the right message.

Ben's not sure what happens after 100 episodes, OK I'm good with that. He's great at what he does, he's proven himself and he's the best thing the Liberty movement has right now in journalism.

If I get to watch 100 episodes for $50 or whatever I choose to give it's WELL worth it! If it fails after that, Oh well we tried and we move on to something else. But we have to try and not allow the critics to turn us away from our goal.

Folks we have to support the true leaders in the Liberty movement or we all fail and they win. Please get behind Ben in this project. Thank you for reading and God speed to Ben's project.