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Don't blame them

"will not permit that"? It's YOU who will not permit that by admitting you are in their box, and refusing to challenge it. It's like Plato's story of the cave. The shadows on the wall will not permit YOU so you say. Your choice is to be enslaved.

I've got ballot access with Rand. This is why being on a committee is so important, and why working on the committees are so important, and standing up for what is right/righteous.

I am so happy to be out of the LP. You did see that GJ has returned to the GOP? LP is a LOSER Party.

You did not waiver? Change is evivitable.. to grow one must change or die. Do what you want.

Ron Paul says he agrees with Rand 99%.

Mark my words.. Ron is going to support Rand 100% for president. Where will that leave you?