Comment: To his very last sentences about how favorable change will occur

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To his very last sentences about how favorable change will occur

What I heard was when the ruling elite (Rothschild zio IzUnReal criminals) start to change their mind, and Putin thinks and hopes soon, favorable change will occur.

I say a cockroach never leaves a food source until either the food is gone or the roach is gone. These as he puts it "ruling elite, in a loose sense" RZIC, are no more than common thieves. A thieve will not stop thieving until caught and stopped. They will come back until they thieve the victims life.

As these criminals continue the intentional collapse of their fiat counterfeit compounding national debts financial collapse BLOWBACK will occur and is already occurring. Like two people in a chock hold with each other. Each afraid to let go first. A contest to see who is the last man standing humanity or the RothZio mafia.

If I had a choice of time frame to live in I would choose this critical time. Its about the earth all its inhabitants, about future generations of humanity. Its a very critical time.
With my primary weapon of enlightened disengagement I intend to starve the beast. Not by myself. Not as a leader. But in a leaderless enlightened disengagement. When a critical mass view enlightened disengagement as a successful path out of slavery for their future generations they will individually successfully starve the beast. Shortly the rest of humanity will follow. It wont happen in a day or a week, but when a critical mass say five percent or more simultaneously individually turn their back upon the false debt slavery and no longer participate, it will be over.

Its an individual decision its a individual responsibility.

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