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Despite I'm ambivalent about

Despite I'm ambivalent about the morality of voting, I would vote for him. Though I fear it would be unfair to ask.

But please don't call him a statesman. Statesman is derived from kingsman, ie person whose absolute loyalty is to the king or state respectively. Kissinger was a statesman. He believed in the glory and expansion of the state.

Ron is the opposite and antithesis of a statesman. He's loyal to the people and their freedom from the state, as much as he can achieve.

He's an American.

He's my countryman.

But the reason we adore him is precisely because he's loyal to us and never the state.

Part of their bag of tricks is vocabulary manipulation. If they get you to be confused about what statesman means, and you think it is somehow just a general term of approval, then they get you to implicitly support the ever expanding state, because after all you admire statesmen don't you? So you must admire what the statesman is loyal to.

We shouldn't play that.