Comment: No, he's a patriot. Never a statesman.

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No, he's a patriot. Never a statesman.

Not a criticism but you need to understand.

Statesman means "man of the state", as kingsman means "man of the king". It has everything to do with state as authority.

Coup d'État means overthrow of the state.
Étatism means statism.
Homme d'État means man of the state.

When we internalize their twisting of words, we implicitly allow them to twist our minds.

You can call him a statesman if you choose, but you're implicitly accepting the validity of the state as authority when you do, and you are confusing people who are less nuanced.

After all, if Dr. Paul is a statesman, then the state must be good. This twisting of vocabulary is not accidental.

Paul is not a man of the state. While he doesn't publicly condone total anarchy, everything he's done has been to reduce the state. If anything he's an antistatesman.