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Comment: Too damned wordy

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Too damned wordy

Read the whole thing and no where does he say what the point of the supposed 'psyop' is.

As for GG not being a truther, it's a personal choice if you want to be in the media and just leave it be for fear of being marginalized for not having done so. Whatever you believe there is a cost to publicly expressing skepticism about the original story, just ask Deborah Medina, after Glenn Beck destroyed her on the air.

If it is an op, it has a goal, what is the purpose of this psyop?

I only see two likely goals:

1) This was going to come out anyway and they got in front of it. Maybe, but it's still damaging.

2) Their surveillance powers are not yet complete and they expect they will be able to spin the narrative to result in more power. This seems far fetched also.

I'm more inclined to believe it's a foreign power. And not Israel or the UK, they benefit from the NSA. China or Russia are the obvious suspects.

Even here, I don't much care so long as it results in us reigning in, or better yet end, the surveillance state.

I don't think it's a cowboy vs yankee thing either, or FBI vs CIA. Unless the CIA has their own independent PRISM we don't know about. Hamstringing the NSA would certainly help the CIA in that case. Or possibly the CIA wants to take PRISM, et al from NSA.