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homosexuality and/or usage of prostitutes (either sex) are the deciding factors in many of our Congress critters betraying us (to hide this alleged fact)...then I feel sorry for them to a certain extent. What 2 consenting ADULTS do is protected under the Constitution and none of my business. I wish all Americans felt this way! (Please note that I said ADULTS--child molesters are slime in my books and deserve to rot in prison, as far as I'm concerned.)

That being said, there are other (slimy, imo) things about Santorum that people should know:

He ripped off Pennsylvanians by charging for his children's education when he did NOT reside in Pennsylvania. When exposed, he REFUSED to refund that money.

He helped rip off a veterans’ home of $80 million.

And as reported right here at the DP, Santorum Nominated Penn State Jerry Sandusky for a “Congressional Angels in Adoption Award,” AFTER Sandusky Was Accused (of child molesting)!

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