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Comment: The D.P. is training ground for NSA/Army spambots

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The D.P. is training ground for NSA/Army spambots

What the heck d'you mean "Even the D.P. is unsafe"? OF COURSE its unsafe! This is freakin Ground Zero for the unholy war the Apparatus is waging against the individual sovereignty of the American citizen. The D.P. is a meeting and organizing place for "dissidents and subversives" in their book. That means, we are the enemy. We are terrorists. We are an existential threat to the power of the theaterwide state security apparatus.

As this place is a public Forum for activists who distrust the state police apparatus, it is NOT safe from NSA spying, snooping, data gathering, profiling, or any other type of state intervention. If you've posted here, they got your number. But don't feel intimidated. Feel proud that the Apparatus thinks you're a threat to its existence.

Furthermore, the D.P. is an active training ground for NSA/Army spambots. I get the impression spambots are tested here. Occasionally, first-timer posts are erratic or "Canned", suggesting a programatic response from a machine. I've seen this on plenty of comment sections. It may be some neo-con with a small brain. Or it may be the latest version of an automated system getting a real-world tryout in a hostile environment (here on the D.P.).

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"