Comment: It it wasn't abundantly clear before,

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It it wasn't abundantly clear before,

No. No unencrypted data is secure. And almost all data leaves an encrypted state at some point. They "know" or are capable of knowing instantly all of our real names, our families, our friends, our daily habits. Algos can be set to monitor you down to the point of knowing what kind of mood you are in at any moment. And with your "smart" phone they know pretty much everyplace you have gone and are going right this very second. And they are doing this for almost every single other person you can see while walking down the street. They know the sounds that you hear as you walk down that street, they know how many people are on that block, they know which of those are criminals, they know which of them are on their way to a birthday party.

Or they have the capability of knowing in realtime. Same thing really. Data is all there, all they have to do is take an interest in YOU.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.