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If the Chinese currency, for

If the Chinese currency, for instance, were widely adopted because it was convenient and stable, then I'd say good for them and be happy to take it, though I would still prefer gold or silver. Dont forget that the US existed for a long time with no mint, simply using Spanish dollars. The world has too many centers for it to move with a single leader. The US attempts to be that single leader as a result always inspire resistance and simply eat away at us in terms of blood and treasure.

If the Chinese are foolish enough to try and take that role after we come to our senses and return to the foreign policy of the founding fathers, then let them. That would ensure the eventual fall of the Communist regime, which is fine with me too.

(And in all honesty, pay attention to China, not to what US Politicians say about China to scare you, and you would see that the chances of them making that mistake are actually pretty low. It's an authoritarian regime, but not a particularly stupid one, and very much the opposite of suicidal.)