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So, that's tapping!

Someone mentioned to me a while back that he'd gotten into "tapping" and that it was helping him to relax. Just to show you how clueless I can be.... I thought the guy was talking about tap dancing and an image of Tap Man (Gus' superhero on the tv show, Psych) came into my head. Seriously! If he had just mentioned he'd gotten into ACUPRESSURE tapping, I'd have looked into it right away. LOL

What an EXCELLENT suggestion, IMissLiberty! Thank you so much for suggesting it AND EXPLAINING it better than Tap Man. I will certainly look into it and gather info now. BTW, I am a firm believer in acupuncture, as it has done wonders for me in the past.

If anyone else is doing some research on this subject, if you come across an image of acupressure points on the body, please post a link on this thread. Thanks in advance.

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