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We have a small clinic and we

We have a small clinic and we may someday go to cash too. The main reason for the "monthly" charge is to become an established patient so that we can have your health history for better treatment. Unlike the "government" we only want this info so that we can better treat what your conditions are. It's a big benefit to the medical staff when they are dealing with someone with a known health history so that things like allergies and persistent high blood pressure do not get missed resulting in a very bad treatment outcome.

Sure, we could just charge "per visit" (and we do for some cash pay patients) but the cost per visit will be higher this way. Certainly we will see someone on a one-time basis for cash but the resulting office visit will require more time and that of course would result in a higher bill. It's quite amazing to us in the health industry how people will go out every Friday for a meal and drinks ($100?) but complain about being charged $100 in order to take care of their health. Which is more important to you??

Beware the cult of "government"...