Comment: I think anarchy is the most

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I think anarchy is the most

I think anarchy is the most extreme form of individualism. Anarchy is complete self reliance without laws. The Founders were not anarchists, but they were about two or three steps away from it. They wanted government out of the American peoples lives, to be left alone. They would rather fend for themselves than be dependent upon a king.

They were bordering on being anarchic capitalists. They essentially told the English monarchy and the Vatican to go screw themselves, the colonists were sick and tired of being governed and ruled by a King, the Church, or both.

To govern oneself...what a novel idea.

As many here know, rugged individualism was the backbone of American society up until around 1933. That's when the collectivism of government really started to take over with FDR's raw deal.

Does government create war and chaos just to justify its own existence?

Government is a necessary evil that must be kept small, and in check by individual people at all times that desire their own personal freedom and liberty most.

Societies have a tendency to create rules, and laws..."social norms and customs." In order to enforce those rules and laws, people erect a thing called government...which in itself is fine, but when the people get lazy and take their watchful eyes off the government ball and rely upon the government to enforce the law (instead of themselves) that's when government goes bad.

We let it happen. It's our own fault because individuals were too preoccupied with...themselves. A bit ironic, isn't it?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.