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I agree that trespassing,

I agree that trespassing, stealing, lying, abuse and murder are relatively rare events (although they seem to all increase when people ingest too much alcohol, to name one thing), however they do still occur with enough frequency that without laws to deal with these problems, I think retribution between "wronged" parties would increase the level of violence in general.

Of course these things all happen under our current system, but if there was no chance punishment by law could be doled out to persons of a violent or thieving nature, would they be emboldened or cowed from committing more similar "crimes" against others?

I am in favor of elimination of bailouts and the like, so we agree in that respect.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? I see that city as something near anarchic in many respects, however even they have severe punishments for breaking their rules.

Any system must work when people are NOT on their best behavior, not just when they ARE on their best behavior and it must have the element of competition / "checks and balances" to keep the various elements from gaining excessive powers... which is something that has definitely happened in our current government.

I also believe that due to the events of 9.11 (primarily), our government is in "survival mode" and is doing everything it can ("collectively") to craft laws and restrict behavior to benefit it's own individuals who work for "it". When the power, influence and livelihood of individuals are threatened, they take steps to protect those things. Multiply this effect across the entirety of employed individuals in government and you begin to see my logic.