Comment: Do you think "progressives" would join libertarians?

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Do you think "progressives" would join libertarians?

What will we win in union with the "progressives"?

I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm just trying to understand this potential alliance you refer to.
It is my understanding that progressive's are statist's who pretty much despise libertarianism.
We might agree on domestic spying. We might agree on foreign intervention. But what else would we agree on?

I feel we we have a better chance of slowly pealing off support from the right wing of the GOP than the left wing of the DEM party. I talk to republicans every day who are now totally skeptical about the perpetual wars and weary of the NSA and domestic spying. I think we are experiencing a bit of a metamorphosis within certain elements of the GOP.

None of the left within the DEM party will ever abandon their nominee over civil liberties or foreign policy. They are just too committed to big government to every do that.