Comment: anyway, ur boy makes my point

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anyway, ur boy makes my point

anyway, ur boy makes my point for me

"For example, more than 85 percent of Asian Indians voted for Barack Obama, and 65 percent generally vote Democratic even though they are the richest minority in the country, have strong families and low welfare use. Clearly, the problem is not with immigrants, as Salam and other conservatives suggest, but the GOP itself."

he just spins it with some hate/blame whitey.

the correct spin, of course, is that these ethnic groups are so committed to their identity politics and aligning themselves against the majority on a visceral emotional level - that they vote against their own economic interests in order to support displacing and dispossessing the majority culture and population. it is out of a resentment and hostility toward the Americans that even wealthy immigrants sacrifice their personal economic interests to vote in solidarity with the poorer immigrants, and support the welfare state, open borders, affirmative action, et al.