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It's not

What a gay lobby does is attempt to force the Church to perform same sex marriages.

The MSM is no fan of the Church, so to say that the entire Church is a gay lobby, most Catholics would not agree.

Least we forget Talleyrand, the Church becomes infiltraited periodically, and the crimes that are committeed affect the entire Church on many levels.

When it comes to child rape and molestation, the Church went through a period of disbelief. Most Catholics were in denile because it just didn't make sense on so many levels.

Today, there is no tolerance. Everyone who works with children in the Church MUST be registered with the police and sheriff. There is no need to proove anyone molested or raped a child, all that is needed is suspecition. If anyone come to the Church and says, "I was, or my child, or another child, was molested or raped". The priest is immediately handed over to the police. He is defrocked. There is NO TOLERANCE AT ALL.

We are encouraged to step up IMMEDIATELY and report a crime we suspect. We don't need to proove it.

How many other Churches or schools do that?

I could care less what anyone's personal relationships are. There are civil unions,.. here in CA, one may go to a court and get a LEGAL civil union. It's no one's business and especially NOT the Church's what those outside the Church do. It's what goes on IN the Church we are VERY VERY concerned.

Why any homosexual would want a Catholic wedding is beyond me.. but that said.. I do know personally two men who did get a preist to marry them in a Catholic Church. The preist was defrocked, and they like to bragg about that today. It's a real funny story, especially if you HATE Catholics, HATE the Church, and want to see it destroyed.

Many do.

Perhaps that includes you?