Comment: Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul

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Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul

Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul have to understand that no matter how often they say they are not racist (and I think there is little doubt that Buchanan is), they represent a wing of the political spectrum that was incredibly racist. At the very least, even those like Barry Goldwater voted for pieces of legislation that specifically prevented Blacks from getting their full rights.

They represent a wing of the Republican party that 70 years ago said that Blacks shouldn't be in the military. That 50 years said civil rights should be left to the states. That 30 years ago said that interracial marriage shouldn't be universally legal. That over the past 20 years has made stupid remark after stupid remark.

As I mentioned, there were certainly those like Goldwater who took a very principled stand. But there were many others; racist, backwards individuals who used "states' rights" as a convenient front for their hatred.

That, unfortunately, is a legacy that has been passed on to Buchanan, Ron, and Rand have to bear. They cannot keep running away from it or crying from it.

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