Comment: they weren't drawing mustaches on him

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they weren't drawing mustaches on him

it's a vid of clips of sean's own words, much like sean plays on his shows (Minus the obscene commentary).

they didn't mockingly laugh at him like glenn beck did to debra medina when he snowballed her on 9/11.

it wasn't even a libertarian, ron paul, or other such entity that put the vid up. it was mediamatters4america. how is that going reflect badly on "us"??

pointing out hypocrisy is a great way to change peoples mind. something rush said made me start questioning things. I came from the neocon crowd too and would have once said I was a ditto head. I had remembered, and agreed with him when he was blaming clinton for things 4 years into the bush reign. And then not 2 months into Obama's reign rush is yelling about how this is "obama's economy". Now I certianly wasn't an obama fan, I knew that, but it was also clear to me that the crash did actually happen before he took office. I couldn't ignore that hypocrisy and remember that as a point that I started looking elsewhere for answers. 2 months later I saw a clip on ron paul and shortly after stumbled on to the dp.