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We (or at least I) agree with

We (or at least I) agree with many progressives on the need to end the fascistic government/corporate alliance that dominates the western world. We agree that the MIC directing foreign policy, big Ag owning the USDA, big Pharma owning the FDA, big Banking owning the treasury and the Fed - we agree that this sort of new fascism must end. We just disagree on how to go about doing it, with libertarians favoring reducing or even completely eliminating the power of government and progressives favoring the "just get the right guys in government" approach.

The Obama experience is waking some progressives to the fact that their favored approach isn't working, and we should use this as an opportunity to reach out to them, as kindred spirits, but as libertarians who believe that the only way to stop the growth of fascism is to handcuff the power of government.

But, in order to get them on board, especially the youngsters, we will need to kick the mean people to the curb. I include in the mean people, those who demand that the privilege of marriage not be extended to gays and those who want to continue locking up drug users. We will also need to, not give up on, but deprioritize the elimination of the welfare state.

I'm not saying we give up on converting neocons too, just that we're foolish to give up on progressives, many of whom we have MUCH more in common than the John McCains and Lindsey Grahams and Rick Santorums of the GOP.

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