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From your comment you say

From your comment you say that you figured out Rush's hypocrisy for yourself, started looking elsewhere for answers, and later saw a clip on Ron Paul (a Republican). That is a little different path than watching a Media Matters ("left wing") clip that points out the hypocrisy of a "right wing" talk show guy. The difference in the SOURCE of the information matters to many people who are still locked into the left vs. right paradigm. Ultimately, like your own history shows, it's a person's own willingness to think it out that ultimately helps them come to their senses, and if you want to help their process of thinking it through, find a way for them to best hear you out.

The commenter that you're replying to seems to be saying that it's people who currently listen to Hannity that she wants to be welcoming to, not welcoming to Hannity himself. Something called wisdom is what is hugely lacking in how we attempt to persuade people. It IS possible to point out the obvious contradictions without ridiculing someone or using another hypocrite's video that shows the hypocrisy.

If Media Matters isn't scrutinizing Obama the way it did Bush, then I wish there could be made a video showing the hypocrisy of Media Matters.