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That's why we have to paint

That's why we have to paint this as a...that was the conservatives who did that. We libertarians are different. Sure they happened to represent racists back in the day, but Goldwater, Ron, and Rand are no racists. It was more of a coinidental allience. Buchanan definatly is racist though. Rand may not be able to escape it entirely, but WE can. We can say we're the new generation and we reject the biggotry that's holding back the Republican Party. It's not just the neo-cons. It's the biggots who we have to fight. The more visibly we denounce them, the better.

Don't forget, classical liberals (libertarians) were the dominant force in the Republican Party and we were the only ones who fought for civil liberties before the great consensus and before conservatives took over the party from newly enthroned progressives and took it in yet another horrid direction. When we ran the party, minorities voted for us and only us. Never for the progressives.