Comment: I have not enjoyed an interview this much in a long time.

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I have not enjoyed an interview this much in a long time.

He tore them apart and they are so ignorant they were not even aware of how he eviscerated them all on live TV for their shallow and superficial small minds, and complete lack of intellect. He has more brain function in his little toe than all of them combined. He proved they are the actors continually spewing and manipulating information for an agenda, while putting the real issues out their in their faces. What a brilliant and pleasurable 8 minutes to watch them squirm and be exposed for their complete and utter ignorance and lack of critical thinking. I wonder if the stupid blonde will even realize he called her a whore in front of the whole world. Absolutely epic. Shaft grasper!!! I will be laughing for days. Like the man said, sharp dress can't hide a dull mind. What a bunch of dim witted ass clown talking heads completely destroyed by one bright light of knowledge. They were totally incapable of talking with him and completely humiliated and intimidated. I wish Mr. Brand could speak on every main stream media show. How quickly the public would realize what a shit show the current state of affairs is.