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I'm not sure this is adequate reason to destroy oneself

Too often these days, we are given the choice, "be a statist or be racist", as though only by embracing the state can we prove our fairness. By opening the borders, that is what we are doing.

I don't care how you spin it. The result of open borders is clear.

And remember one thing, it is government that murdered 150 million persons in this world last century, not counting war. So, if your solution to "racism" is a policy that guarantees even more centralized control in this country, then I say "No thanks".

The real problem today, 2013, is the inability of the masses of Americans to understand basic economics and the wealth draining, life draining tyranny of all powerful government.

Until you can explain to me how combining compassion and amnesty for those people already here with sensible control of the border and rational immigration policy (a right reserved by every other nation on earth), then I will continue to think that the real agenda here is not the assimilation of the 10 million souls who are currently here and who came here to improve the lot of themselves and there family, but the 50 to 100 million more to come tomorrow, who will be used and manipulated by the state in an attempt to completely enslave us all.

This entire thread is illustrative of the split we have in this so called "movement". Libertarianism advocates real freedom, not the half freedom of civil liberty without economic liberty. By advocating open borders, you advocate the confiscation of the wealth of current citizens at the expense of illegal immigrants. The notion that these "new citizens" represent "new taxpayers" ignores the fact that half of the current citizenry pays no taxes at all.