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I agree that appealing to

I agree that appealing to immigrants, especially those who come here desperately poor, is a challenge, especially when the D's are offering welfare state goodies. It's a challenge we have to solve though, because you're right, we lose if we don't at least cut into that voting block.

I think the way we do it is by deemphasizing the elimination of the welfare state while at the same time appealing to the natural desire of most people to better themselves and their posterity. We have to appeal to the goodness in people, and not be perceived as acting out of the fear that immigrants are taking our jobs.

We do the latter by offering freedom, but we have to be not only perceived to be, but we must ACTUALLY be populist. The GOP is, as Pat points out, perceived to be the party of the elite. Somehow, GOP libertarians have to convince enough immigrants, as well as enough existing native minorities, that we're not elites, that we're with them.

Consider for a moment that we live in a country where human slavery was actually acceptable less than two hundred years ago, where not all, but some of the very men who founded the country owned other human beings and thought that was just fine. So who can blame any decent 21st century human being from treating the ideas of these men, the ideas upon which this country was founded, with some skepticism.

But here's the thing we must acknowledge and reach out with...

The idea of freedom is very, very new, and while the founders failed miserably to extend liberty to ALL men and ALL women, their grievous mistake has been acknowledged and rectified.

We have to point out that today, there's a new form of slavery, one that's more subtle yet just as evil. Today, people are seduced into slavery via the promise of safely. They are told that they will be taken care of, and kept safe, and that all they need to do is to give up a little of their human capital.

At first thought, this seems reasonable, and the politicians who seduce us seem so sincere. But look at them - their children do not attend the same schools as ours. They don't use the same health care system or the same retirement system. They move from corporate boards to government positions and back again. They control everything from the money we use to the food we eat. They are elites. They are our masters and the amount of human capital that we must give up to them continues to grow because these new slave masters never stop thinking of new ways to offer "safety" from new "threats".

So human slavery, while practiced differently from the past, still exists. But today's slaves give up their freedoms willingly, and as time progresses they forget about real freedom - they don't even recognize it as available since the state and their corporate partners promise to provide for all.

But in accepting the seduction of their masters today's slaves give up their humanity just as the slaves of 200 years ago were robbed of theirs. Because the state takes so much, many of us are too poor to even practice the simple human kindness of charity, of giving to help others. Instead the state provides, while robbing us of our very humanity, our very reason for living.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein