Comment: Acknowledge it and move on to what's important

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Acknowledge it and move on to what's important

Yes, Hannity is being hypocritical here.

But I would say that's immaterial to what really matters. Yes, it's important to us to know who is really consistently on the side of freedom, but it doesn't help us convince others. What matters most is how we can get support for restoring 4th Amendment protections. It doesn't really matter where that support comes from. We can go on about Hannity's (and Ingraham's and O'Reilly's) hypocrisy, and at the end of the day, it will accomplish little.

Even if Hannity et al are being partisan hacks, their support will help us combat the assault on the 4th amendment. WE NEED THEIR SUPPORT even if their position is for partisan reasons. So let's bury the hatchet, unless and until they change their position back. Hopefully they don't, but I'm fully aware that may be wishful thinking.

I think all of us need to spend more of our time figuring out how to bring others to our cause.

My approach is this: call up their shows and express your frustration with the massive surveillance that Obama's doing. Tell them you're happy they've had a change of heart and welcome them (be sincere; I know it's difficult, but try your best). Point out that this is what you've been worried about. Tell them that we ALL have to stand together on this issue, whether we consider ourselves conservatives, libertarians, liberals, or whatever, because this issue affects us all.

Understand that many of the listeners thought that Bush was a stand-up guy and wouldn't use the spying powers for bad purposes. Your goal is NOT to point out how someone was wrong, but bring them to our side. If you put people on the defensive, they will dig in their heels and we will lose the battle. What's important here is the Constitution, NOT that we were right. We know in our hearts we were right, and that should be good enough.

It's also important to tailor your message to your audience. That doesn't mean you twist or omit facts; what it means is that you focus on what's important to THEM. When I submit my resumé, I always edit it to highlight the qualifications the employer is looking for and often remove things which are irrelevant to them. It's important because people have a limited attention span. Most people are also only interested in how something affects THEM. Use the same technique here. DON'T ramble on, and DON'T start talking about the Fed, monetary policies, etc. Steve Jobs said, "people think focusing is about saying yes. It's not. Focusing is about saying no." So FOCUS on this particular battle and issue.

Remember, our mission is to win the battle, not tell everyone we were right.