Comment: another left right bs

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another left right bs

The counterfeit money is the Elephant not those fake political parties offering candidates for the Roths IzUnReal gangsters who choose them. When digital money is offered up into circulation as a COMPOUNDING SOVEREIGN DEBT you not only have an Rothschild zionist counterfeiter with unlimited purchasing power but the same entity with a false debt leverage over each individual. You owe me so I have the morral authority to take any and everything you own including your life. Thats the zio counterfeit startigy.

Its not a white european nation. If the American Indidans pulled the same trick that the IzUnReal Rothschild Zionsist do to the palastin population.

How about the Indian nations claiming a right to return to their HOLY LAND, America. Since this country and its population are so into our greatest freind in the Middle East and supports their genocide while the same group spys on us attacks us (US LIBERTY and others) dominates out government and media. Yet we sit by and do nothing out of fear that we will be called a racist or an anti semite.

My final answer is no. Enlightened disengagemnt and spread the words.