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I hate to post low in a thread, but...

Blacks, women, non-property owners couldn't vote.

Voting is irrelevant and worthless, so this is no gain.

Extrajudicial executions were common-place.

They still are, and add to that unjust judicial executions.

Domestic abuse was common.

It still is, and add to that public abuse by government.

Violations of religious doctrine were punishable by legal/social force.

They still are.

Disease, poverty, hate, were rampant.

"Rampant" is ambiguous. These still exist, and I'm not even sure that any of them are always bad. Maybe they are less "rampant," and maybe we need more of them.

People did not co-exist peacefully.

Some did. Now none do.

I think your charge of intellectual dishonesty is overblown.