Comment: Just to be sure I understand you

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Just to be sure I understand you

Borders are good. A free man should not be able to travel about free. Got to have check points and borders to protect what, a country?, a government?
Hate to break it to you but the US of A is a brown country and always was. The white european invaders, (some of my ancestry) pulled a horrifying genocide invasion. In the name of freedom. The same invasion occurred in the area referred to as Mexico. Both areas are suffering because of it even hundreds of years later.
Borders are for slaves. Free people respect other peoples property but never accept these fake government borders as a good thing. The government alwas wants boarders, fences, walls, prisons, and every other control method they can think of and use. Exactly as a plantation owner wants boarders or a prison commandant wants boarders.
Exactly what do you fear that you need the government to stop people from coming to an area near you? Do you think a border will provide more freedom and sovereignty to you as an individual. Are you just looking to a government that is for the Rothschild mafia to protect you with a boarder. They don't care about you and the border is not about protection, its about debt slave movement control.

PS IF thos so called brown invaders, Who are acutally native to this land. Just in case you do not agree please note they sure aint from europe. If these souls pulled the same thing Rothschild did with IzUnReal, a right to return to their native lands and they started kicking you out as a ansesteral invader, how would you react?