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Framing politics in terms of

demographics is something Ron Paul never does. A Ron Paul rally has people of all stripes. Why is that? It could be, that the ideas of Liberty have a different foundation than race.

The Republican party may not survive. We watched them manipulate ballots state by state, and overthrow the proper results of elections, from the national stage on live tv, and then return all of the corrupt players, back to national positions of leadership. In what way is that a viable party?

Instead of doing demographic math to predict the future of a corrupt party, what about finding ways to identify and nurture the "remnant". What would a coalition look like that was not based on demographics or party? How do we focus, for instance, the people who know the difference between non-intervention and isolationism into votes in the Congress?

If marketers are able to absorb every cultural impulse into some kind of weird commercial zeitgeist, goth teens selling pepsi, rappers selling clothes, is it possible to identify and promote political ideas that defy the major party definitions of the day? Thought bombs?

The blimp was a thought bomb.

How do we frame the connection between administrative wars of aggression, and support for terrorism in the countries where the bombs rain down, to unite that natural American coalition that understands blowback? Does it really take decades of disaster to change the way Americans think? How do we help the simple truth win?