Comment: Why do you expect people to "give you things"

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Why do you expect people to "give you things"

You haven't updated your own website since JANUARY of this year

And your last update was a video called "Drive Thru Magic Money?" What does that have to do with Ron Paul?

And in then in the comments below you said you called trolls to the Daily Paul?

You say you're suspicious of leadership here? Guess what. I'm suspicious of you.

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I remember once a beggar on the street asked me for some money. I opened my wallet, which had about $100 in it, and I gave him a dollar. Seeing the rest of my money, he was upset and disappointed. "Aw man, only a dollar - Man you are cheap!"

He actually said that to me: "Man, you are cheap," after I gave him money that he did not earn.

You remind me of that guy. There are other people here that remind me of that guy too.

He's the man.