Comment: CNBC is laying it on thick.

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CNBC is laying it on thick.

Tapering.. (rolls eyes). There can be no tapering. If they do decide to taper which would be the right thing to do, the economy would suffer a massive deflationary depression. It would be 10 times worse than the great depression. If they would stop QE, and this deflationary scenario came to be reality, You would see major changes in our government. People would finally fire those in DC. The powers that be are not going to risk waking the American people. They like their 100 million dollar vacations. What we are seeing is one last push to scare people out of owning gold and silver. One last push to get the price of gold and silver down. One last push to set the bear trap. It's all propaganda. JPM has now covered their silver short position.
All the big bullion banks are now net long. They have always been on the winning side of the precious metals trade. I have learned not to fight JPM. I thought at one time that the big banks would be run over. They are simply just to powerful. Right now the dumb money is being sucked into going short. We might see 19.00 silver. This will just add to people adding to short positions. This will be the greatest short squeeze in the history of the markets. The big banks do not want the masses to ride the coming big bull leg up. Please do not pay any attention to the FED and their mouth pieces.
The economy is terrible. housing is not strengthening. All of the government data is lies. I think we will see a massive new QE not to far away. LOOK at Oil. Oil is NOT declining in price.
Look for that one more paper manipulated price sell off. After that occurs, watch the metals. The next leg up in this bull market will start. This next leg up should be the biggest of the entire bull run.