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I encourage you to continue to SHOUT IT OUT!!!

I sincerely do not think you should shut up about your beliefs.

What I do wish is that you would open your mind, study history, seek good, for there is good everywhere.

I once stood with you, marched in parades, signed and passed petitions, vry motivated by hatred.. I saw only the brutality, racism, hatred BY Israel. I wanted it to end. And I admit, I was completely unable to see any good in Israel.

When Ron Paul said Israel is our very good friend, I couldn't believe that. It was shameful to me, and if not for other issues, I would have had NOTHING to do with Ron Paul on his stand FOR Israel.

Why would Ron Paul, a statesman for PEACE, say Israel is our friend? Didn't HE KNOW the truth about Israel? Didn't he KNOW that Israel demolished Palestinian homes, refused the right of return to PALESTINIANS.. that Israel stole their land, murdered them with indiscrimination, even their children? Didn't Ron Paul KNOW that Israel spied on the USA, that the duel citizens were controlling our government with blackmail and threats? How could Ron Paul be so smart about the Federal Reserve, the constitution, foreign policy, and completely miss the boat on Israel?

And then came Rand.. no different that his father. How could I possible support Rand the ISRAELI KISS ASS, going to Israel to make peace. WHAT WAS GOING ON with the Pauls??? How can they be SO stupid? And HOW can I support them?

I had to do homework. I had to find out how it is possible that Israel could be our friend. I researched for months, and for months all I saw on YouTube documentaries, books, magazines, the atrocities of Israel. It didn't make sense. How is it, I see all this evidense about the brutal murdering regime of Israel and the Pauls do not?

So, I do not begrudge your voice, your stand against the atrocities. I stand with you on them. SCREAM TO THE HIGH HEAVEN.. it is ALL OVER the net anyways.. it's there for everyone to see.. so scream it LOUDER.. be relentless, do not cave, Do not stop. Make an effort today, not just here on DP, but everywhere. You will not be alone.

And then maybe you can wonder, why Ron, Rand and me are not with you against Israel. We don't belong to the same Church, and frankly, my Church has NOTHING to do with my appreciation of Israel.

My appreciation of Israel is HUGE, and I completely agree with Ron and Rand, that Israel is our very good friend, for VERY VERY good reasons.. "So goes Israel, so goes the USA". Maybe you would like to see the USA destroyed?

I was once like you, and many who have a hard time getting past the tens of thousands of YouTubes and articles against Israel. It's good to see how far I've come, and I am grateful to Ron and Rand for waking me up. When you are ready to leave your life of deception and hate, let me know. Israel is amazing because Israelis are amazing.. they are human, and like us, their government makes mistakes, and those mistakes unfortunately are what the enemies use aginst them. Ironically, as much as Israel and America's enemies HATE them, they have NO PROBLEM taking the fruit of their labir, ideas and dreams and claiming it for themselves.

And why Israel will continue to thrive is while the rest of the world is busy catching up, so they can control what Israel has produced, the Israelis are too busy advancing beyond.