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Comment: never read a Bible verse

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never read a Bible verse

We must be careful taking a single verse out of context or using it to prop up our own opinion.

I want to go through each verse you mentioned and offer what I see as the context when I read the whole chapter...

In Luke 8 Jesus tells the parable of the sower, the metaphor of the lamp being hidden, calms a storm, heals the man posessed by the many demons (Legion), and the sick woman who touched his cloak and was healed by her faith. And he raised a dead girl from the dead.

So a lot going on. Your quoted verse (17) falls just after the parable of the sower and during the metaphor of someone lighting a lamp and then covering it up.

Is it possible that Christ is speaking about the true faith of an individual (refering to the sower parable) or refering to the Truth and mysteries of GOD being made known to those who truly believe?

Could it be that he is referencing the final judgement to come at rhe end of the age and the true faith of an individual will be made known?

There are multiple possibilities to consider - please think and pray before attatching a random verse to modern day events.

The OP may be correct and may be wrong, but always use caution when declaring something not directly related to Christ as GOD's work.

More to come...

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