Comment: there was a short time i thought the same way

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there was a short time i thought the same way

I found I was just not being told the truth, even in the church I was attending, religion is not what it seems. Christians are lied to every single day about what being a follower of Christ is.

This is what makes me laugh about our present situation. John the Baptist said it, as well as Christ, "If you silence me the stones would cry out."

There are two versions scholars envision John the Baptist saying:
1. He was on a riverbed baptizing people, so he was probably pointing to stones in the river.

2. He pointed to a Roman soldier standing guard somewhere nearby calling him 'a stone' or 'lifeless' or 'unbeliever'; 'not a jew'.

The 2nd is actually more correct with how it works. Those who are not of the faith, are mostly the ones crying Truth! today in America.

Christians have become lazy, they are not followers of Christ, they have no idea what God's laws are, therefore they have no idea what doing God's work means, and they only go to church to make themselves feel good about themselves, as if they are doing the right thing.

Christians have for some reason adopted this complacent version where peace is what we strive for, it's not. The Bible teaches a true form of anarchy, where you live under God and no government. In fact it even says "If your a slave, be a slave, but if you have a chance to be free, take it." The founders saw the chance and took it.

This was the real intent the founders had for the States, we formed a small government to protect us from outside invasion, but warned us we must keep it exactly as it was, or we would become a unified nation again, subjects under a ruler. All these lessons for being free can be found in the Bible.

Think about it realistically, the Bible always speaks of Israel, when it falls into captivity, or gains its freedom. The book is designed to teach us freedom and how to keep it!

The true purpose of God's Word, is to keep us free from tyranny, why do you think so many nations hate it? while so many of its people embrace it...