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Children have not fully homesteaded themselves, therefore some acts which would be considered coercion on adults are not coercion on children. Therefore, coercion is always evil and should never be supported. The state is evil.

Walter Block:

Children, in sharp contrast to both, may be controlled by parents, under a very different type of legal provision, not ownership, of course, but, rather, attainment and retention of guardianship rights.

How are these rights first established? In the good old fashioned way: through pregnancy and child birth of course. The parents in effect "homestead" not of course any ownership over their children which do not and cannot exist, but rather guardianship rights over them.

May they give up these rights? Yes. To the extent a person may not give up, or sell, or relinquish rights, it is to that extent he does not really fully own them. If the parents do not continue to feed, clothe and otherwise care for their children, or abandon them, they lose these guardianship rights.